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Our focus is on quality, thoroughness and speed at a fixed price.
Our historical performance tells our story—we deliver—exceeding our client’s every expectation.

We specialize in forging deep relationships with the world’s most disruptive technology leaders across digital transformation sectors. Our mission is to help founders build great and sustainable companies, period.

“Great companies have great Board of Directors behind them, guiding and supporting the Founder and Chief Executive, minimizing risks and guiding the company forward towards achieving its long-term goals. A Company’s Board needs to think deeply, thoroughly and on a continuing basis about their overall tasks, while utilizing their vast business network for value creation.”  ~ Igor Sill

We believe forging great relationships is the fundamental component of our success. We are an ever-evolving neural network with true global access to the right high-value connections.  We offer deep-rooted experience in supporting our clients with connections to Fortune 500 leaders needing to introduce start-up technology solutions to their vast customer network, forging corporate partnerships, acquisitions as well as strategic investments.

Since 1986 we’ve lead key exec searches and partnership connections for Fortune 500 tech leaders, partnered with corporate investment arms, the biggest venture capital firms, private equity firms, System Integrators and Consulting firms offering a customized value-added approach to each project, completing over 1,660 “company maker” recruitment and project assignments. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and timeline goals with simple, fixed cost solutions.

We recruit

  • Outside Board of Directors – diversity specialist
  • Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer, VP Sales, VP Business Development, MD EMEA, MD Europe
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer, VP Marketing

“Geneva is the best, they bring a lot more than talent to the table. Salesforce is built strictly on our ability to recruit the very best people, to execute the best approach, and to deliver superb results to our customers. Geneva has been a true partner in our business in several ways: First, they have been unbelievably helpful in identifying and recruiting key talent that is a part of our management team today.  Second, they’ve been wonderful about providing us with sound business advice. And third, they have been wonderful about getting us access to new customers and key investors. They are absolutely one of the best partners that we could ever hope for in our business.”

Marc Benioff
Founder, Chairman & co-CEO, Salesforce


  • Cybersecurity, Authentication
  • Fintech, Cryptocurrency, IoT
  • Networking
  • Database, AI, Tools
  • Information Technology
  • Mobility and Enterprise Applications Software

“My approach and process of in-the-trenches executive search doesn’t scale well, nor can it be effectively delegated. As a result, I undertake fewer than 8 search projects per year so that I can focus 110% of my time on each engagement. My mission is to provide experience, insight, network and relationships that accelerate my client’s total success with amazing AAA+ team players. With over 30 years of helping founders build some of the world’s most successful companies, I believe the best predictors of corporate success are the caliber of its leadership, the impassioned dedication of the executive team and “feet on the ground” players. I love what I do and the contributions that I make. I invest a great deal more than my time in each and every assignment, and the results attest to the effort.” ~ Igor Sill

Igor Sill Biography

By combining deep corporate Board of Directors search expertise, an actively engaged diverse community of Board of Directors network and rigorous process criteria, Geneva Venture Partners offers a specialized, fixed fee alternative to the traditional executive recruitment model.  Building a highly functional, diverse Board is vitally important.  It’s much like putting a puzzle together, they come in different shapes and sizes, but once properly assembled, fit together perfectly and perform brilliantly.
  • University of Oxford, Said Business School, MBA
  • Harvard University, HBS, Venture Capital Program certification
  • Stanford University, GSB, Advanced Management College
  • Stanford University, School of Law, Board of Directors College
  • Yale University, Financial Markets w/honors, Law I & II
  • University of California, Berkeley, Economics
  • Microprocessor Design & Programming certification, DeAnza College
  • SBIC Venture Capital Institute Program certification


Served on numerous public, private and non-profit Board of Directors

  • Corporate Governance Institute
  • University San Francisco School of Management guest lecturer, MBA course judge (2010-present)
  • Fund Advisor; UC Berkeley Alumni investment focused: Strawberry Creek Ventures
  • Oxford Royal Economics Society member
  • Former Board member and Chair, Governance Committee, IMF, Los Angeles, CA
  • Advisor, COINSNOBS Film TV backed cryptocurrency

GENEVA VENTURE GROUP  San Francisco, CA 1997 – 2014

Co-Founder, General Partner & Managing Director for this investment partnership focused on private equity venture capital investments with Board oversight.  Represent investment interests of: AXA, Societe Generale Asset Management, CDC IXIS Securities, CNP, Financial de Brienne, Partners Group, Thales Ventures, Groupe Artemis, TeleSoft Partners and numerous Family Offices.  Investor in Salesforce, Fieldwire, Morta Security (Palo Alto Systems), JasperSoft (Tibco), Vicarious, FireEye, OpenTable, Polaris Wireless, RedOwl Analytics, Square, Threatmetrix (RELX), Zantaz (Autonomy/HP), Zillow.

GENEVA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, INC.  San Francisco, CA 1985 – 2000

Chairman responsible for all aspects of overseeing the management of this international software and internet executive search and M&A advisory services firm.

VISUAL ENGINEERING, INC. San Jose, CA 1983-1985 Vice President, WW Sales

INGRES CORPORATION Berkeley, CA 1981-1983 Director, Worldwide Sales

WORDSTAR (WDST), San Rafael, CA 1980-1981 Director, Sales & Western Region Support

EXXON INFORMATION SYSTEMS (XOM), MI & CA 1975–1980 Major Branch Manager, San Francisco


Salesforce, ORACLE, Siebel(Oracle), Accel Partners, Benchmark Capital, EditGrid(Apple), EQT, Gupta Technologies, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Ventures, Business Objects(SAP), Callixa(SAP) Dynasty, Digital Impact, Forte Software(SUN), Foundation Capital, Excalibur, DocuMagix(Kodak), Keynote(ThomaBravo), GigaNet(Emulex), Greylock, Interleaf, Kleiner Perkins, Morta Security(Palo Alto Systems), MySQL(Oracle), ParcPlace Systems, Persistence, Pillar, ProofPoint(PFPT), Polaris Wireless, Network Peripherals(Cisco), NetObjects(IBM), NeXT(APPLE), NetSuite(Oracle), QRS, Red Hat Software(IBM), Remedy, Sapiens, Silicon Graphics, Successfactors(SAP), Sun Microsystems(Oracle), Sybase, Threatmetrix(RELX), Tumbleweed(Axway), Unify, UniSoft(Fujitsu) Uniface, Verity, VirtualLogix, Yahoo(Verizon), Weblogic(BEA), JasperSoft(Tibco), Vicarious, FireEye, RedOwl Analytics(ForcePoint), VantIQ, Verilog, Zantaz(Autonomy/HP), Ziff Davis.

Corporate relationships include: IBM, Microsoft, Sony, SoftBank, DELL, Google, Goldman Sachs, GCapital, GV, Cisco, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, HP, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, DARPA, Thales, Boeing, Tesla, GE, InQtel, Accenture, EY,  to name a few.
Glenbrook, NV 89413
+415 244 4646

We do not provide direct investment funding or lead fundraising campaigns, however, we do forge strategic partnerships and corporate venture introductions where appropriate and may consider making direct equity investments in exchange for our services.